9 Apr 2011

Girl Pirate Birthday Party

My daughter turned 4 at the weekend and she wanted a Pirate Party. I thought, yes it could be a cute look if we go pink and black but oh no she wanted to be a boy pirate!

Aside from her being very much a girl, I didn't think that stubble and a moustache would be such a great picture for her 4th birthday. But being a defiant young lady, she got her own way.

My initial inspiration came from Kara's Party Ideas, as it was a simple, well thought out theme and wow what a cake.

I'm loving these pirate cupcakes

I wanted to make a treasure chest cake, but how WOW is this one! Definately the best I've ever seen...

Mine was more like this...

For all the cheats out there, you can buy a kit from PartyPieces.co.uk

Each delicious pirate cake sponge cake serves at least 25-30 child size portions.

Kit Contents:

• disposable 10.5in x 8in baking tray

• cake mix

• 10in x 12in cake board

• ready to roll fondant coloured icings

• gold chocolate coins

• 10 candles (not shown)

• step-by-step guide
The Table
I decorated the table with red disposable tablecloths, so I could just whip them off when we were done. I also used black sparkle fabric for a bit of pizazz, a toy pirate ship with helium balloons attached to it and sprinkling of gold coins.
Craft Activity
We had treasure chest craft kits. Each child had a papier mache treasure chest. They were really strong and had a clasp. Inside each box were strips of gold ribbon, jewels, plastic gold coins and glue. Once each child had decorated their box it was time for the treasure hunt.
The treasure hunt was based on me reading out clues and the children looking for the markers in order to find the treasure. Unfortunately I didn't predict that the majority of the children only wanted to get to the end result and started playing by themselves before we had finished. It was perhaps a little too complicated for the 3 and 4 year olds. Maybe one for next year.
You can buy the treasure hunt here.
http://www.partypieces.co.uk/ - Pirate favors, cake kit and decorations. An all round good site.
http://www.partydelights.co.uk/ - Pirate decorations
http://www.lelloandmonkey.co.uk/ - Pirate Treasure Hunt Game
Pirate tattoos from ebay.
http://www.shindigz.com/ - US site with great fancy dress and huge decor props.
Pirates Of The Caribbean Trilogy can be purchased from Amazon.com

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