13 May 2011

The Butterfly Life Cycle: Part 4 - The Butterflies are Release

I left open the net to allow them to escape. One left without me seeing and made home on the rhubarb.

 The other decided the deck was quite nice and stayed there for a while. When I went to charge my camera I noticed another in the net. Taking a second look I realised that this one was larger than the others. The one on the rhubarb was still there as was the one on the deck. It had to have been one I released the day before and has returned home!

Thanks for the sentiment butterfly but seriously a word of advice - don't return to the net, it's a trap!

The Release
Unzip the net from the top and allow the butterflies to fly off in their own time. Sometimes you can coax them using a flower but most of the time they prefer to be left alone to work it out in their own time.

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