3 May 2011

Butterfly Life Cycle: Part 1 - Keeping Butterflies In A Butterfly Garden Kit

I bought a kit from insectlore last year which contained the butterfly pavillion or net. It also had a voucher which I sent off and later received my caterpillars.
The caterpillars eat their caterpillar food in their tub and gradually become bigger over the period of about 7 days.

Raising caterpillars is very easy. You just let them eat and when they have all gone upside down and turned into the crysalides they are ready for the net.

The stages of caterpillars are from egg, to caterpillar to crysalis to butterfly.
Keeping a crysalis is also very easy. In the kit the crysalis attaches to the lid which you then undo and pin the paper into the butterfly pavillion. There are many butterfly species, monarch, painted lady,bluecracker. This kit creates painted lady butterflies.

Having a butterfly garden is a wonderful activity for young and old. They are very easy pets. To keep them longer I plant lots of flowers that they love to feed on. And there you have it, a live butterfly garden grown from a butterfly kit.

Insect Lore Live Butterfly Pavillion

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  1. Hey Sarah. I love your blog. It seems like you have put a lot of effort into it. One of the best I have seen. I have a tomato and pepper garden and I was actually scouring the interwebs for pest control issues. I am trying to learn how to get rid of stink bugs. I have found some answers at the website I listed but I was looking for a perspective from a gardener. Have you had to deal with pests? I searched your blog but you haven't written about it. Anyways, please let me know. I am interested to get your perspective.

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by. I think tomato and peppers are my favourite combination. What kind of pests are you getting or what are the symptoms of the plant. You've mentioned stink bugs, I've heard a vacuum cleaner is the best way to get rid of them off walls or in your house, otherwise if it is a major problem then maybe it is time for a professional pest controller to visit.