18 Jun 2011

June Garden

June has been a funny month, we've had some really lovely days filled with sunshine and other days where the rain hasn't stopped.  The tomatoes under the covered deck have been pretty unaffected by the weather though. I'm wondering whether these grow pots are actually making a difference or not. The plants don't seem to want the amount of water you are supposed to keep putting into it.

 The potatoes are growing crazy tall, me thinks I need a bigger or taller growbag!

My first blueberry, still looking a bit green though.

The vegetable beds are in and the bark mulch spread out. That was a job and a half. Good job you don't have smell-a-vision, wow that stuff pongs! Will the smell ever go away?

Some lovely red cabbages on the growing front.

In the bed is green cabbage, swiss chard, carrots, pak choi, chinese cabbage, pumpkin, coriander and baby corn. Outside of the bed are climbing runner beans, red cabbage in the pot and rhubarb in the ground.

I hope they all work out ok, I really don't want to go down the net route to cover the bed, it will ruin the appearance but I may have to if they get bitten. So far so good.

 Believe it or not I actually managed to kill these strawberries last year, I hardly watered them and they only produced a few fruit. Hubby managed to revive them and they are already producing more fruit then it did the whole of last year. Hope they are good ones.

Green cabbage in the window box, slugs can't get you here my little ones!

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