12 Jul 2011

Are front lawns a useless waste of space? - Some Edible Garden Ideas


Vegetables and herbs grow best in a sunnny spot. My sunniest spot is the front driveway. I've never considered it before as I felt it would be too crammed with all the cars in the driveway (three cars and a boat!) but I'm now warming to the idea of putting herbs and vegetables in any space possible.

The first thing to do is to decide on herbs and veggies that look ornamental and that blend in with any other flowers or at least look like they are a shrub. I absolutely love deep purple and red leaves and have found red basil. It should be sowed under glass and can be planted out in May. They will grow into strong plants each year.

A beautiful and delicate looking herb are chives with their delicate purple flowers and long green stems.

Succulent wall at Design your Revolution

Swiss Chard

Coloured lettuce


Aji Yellow Chillis

Choose herbs that grow low level or have an unusual colour. Pick perennials that are hardy and can cope with frost and all weathers. Don't be afraid to use containers, place them at different levels for a waterfall effect. Dwarf fruit trees also add visual interest and are deisgned to only reach a metre tall yet still yield lots of fruit.

Woman Faces Jail Time For Growing Vegetable Garden in Her Own Front Lawn

But be careful, In America, a lady has had criminal charges bought against her for growing vegetables in her own front yard. Incredible but true! She used tomato trellis and planters, obtained permission from neighbours and planners who later decidedthat it wasn't suitable. I will be intrigued to see what the outcome of this case will be. Read more at abc News

The White House Front Vegetable Garden
First Lady Michelle Obama in a bid to dissolve child obesity has created a new veg planting scheme at the White House. She is growing spinach, peas, lettuce, broccoli, blueberries, raspberries amongst other veg and herbs.

Sidewalk garden

Read more front vegetable gardens at Sustainable Transition

What about a portable planter? Like this one at Furnish

Are front lawns a useless waste of space?

Have you turned your front lawn into a vegetable heaven, send me your pics and share your experiences.

9 Jul 2011

Strawberries in the garden forever

Not a bad crop from a withering strawberry plant. I'm so not 'green-fingered' yet these little beauties still seem to keep giving. Time to try. First wash the strawberries.

then the yummy, fresh taste of the strawberries mmmm

6 Jul 2011

Raised Beds

The garden down at the children's centre is coming along nicely. I really don't want to pick anything for fear of ruining the lovely little rows.

Parents and children got together and really pulled out all the stops with frantic planting, weed membrane flying everywhere and lots of smelly mulch bark to finish. We planted carrots, pumpkin, sage, radish, lollo rosso lettuce, curly parsley, sweetcorn and marigolds to keep off the aphids. This is a first attempt here and hopefully we will learn as we go along and make this a really great (edible) garden.

Hopefully we will have a little gardening club that will meet up and organise the planting and watering, plus other ideas.

This space down the side is great for the kids to ride the bikes and cars but could do with a little colour.

This pumpkin plant has tripled in size over the week with all the lovely sun we are having. Keep it coming Mr Sun!

5 Jul 2011

Cabbages, Cats and Smelly Farts

Who wants a cabbage? Sorry couldn't find anything smaller.

Ok it may not be the biggest you have ever seen but we planted small seedlings and now we have huge green leaves of the cabbage. It smells so rich and tasty straight from the ground. No supermarket cabbage smells this good, in fact most smell of nothing except the plastic they are wrapped in. A fresh cabbage smells of sunshine and Nan's yummy roast dinners. Unfortunately I cannot excuse the smell they may make from your backside. That may not be one of sunshine.

How to grow cabbages
I like to use biodegradable soil pockets to sow seeds in as it is easy for kids to do, easy for me to do and easy to plant as you just pick up the entire pot and plant it in the ground. I usually get my pockets from ebay. They come in little disc form to which you just add water and watch then expand. Sow a seed into the top and wait.

I'm also getting pretty fed up with the cats peeing over my beans, they are not getting the drink they really need. I've tried eggshells, orange peel and cat scaring ornaments but they aren't phased.

For the smelliest of cabbage related farts, for goodness sake drink more water, less coffee and beer and start exercising. Sorry I'm on about my hubby again.