6 Jul 2011

Raised Beds

The garden down at the children's centre is coming along nicely. I really don't want to pick anything for fear of ruining the lovely little rows.

Parents and children got together and really pulled out all the stops with frantic planting, weed membrane flying everywhere and lots of smelly mulch bark to finish. We planted carrots, pumpkin, sage, radish, lollo rosso lettuce, curly parsley, sweetcorn and marigolds to keep off the aphids. This is a first attempt here and hopefully we will learn as we go along and make this a really great (edible) garden.

Hopefully we will have a little gardening club that will meet up and organise the planting and watering, plus other ideas.

This space down the side is great for the kids to ride the bikes and cars but could do with a little colour.

This pumpkin plant has tripled in size over the week with all the lovely sun we are having. Keep it coming Mr Sun!


  1. That's a lovely garden bed you have there. Yes you do need Mr.Sun to keep shinning down on them. Hope you grow big beautiful pumpkins.

  2. There is same pumpkin plant in my garden but its too small than this and its not growing as expected so what sshould be the reason for it?

  3. I think the success is due to the raised beds being in a truly sunny spot and the other is good compost. Take care to get one that delivers the right nutrients to what you are growing, and a dose of liquid feed at fruiting doesn't hurt.