4 Nov 2011

Garden Inspiration - November

I know some of you have been having awful weather and I really feel for you. Here in Bournemouth we have been having quite mild weather which has meant I can catch up with a few jobs I put off. I managed to get some more spring bulbs into the ground. Minimal effort involved will hopefully give me maximum flowers next year. I'm a bit of a fan of window boxes so put lots in there so I can get flowers January through to May.
Check out this tutorial at Gardener's World, for a layered bulb planter.

This image from Sally Ferguson, really illustrates bulb layering well. Choose bulbs that flower in sequence and you will have months of beautiful flowers.
William and Catherine Royal Rose

It's also a good time to get some new season roses, they can establish their roots ready for next year. Roses really benefit from some 'rootgrow' or bonemeal when you plant. There are a few tips to follow to growing roses. Pick up some interesting varieties such as William and Catherine, in honour of the recent Royal newlyweds or fancy a blue rose, now available in the US.

Now is also a good time to plant some perrenials such as Violas and Helleborus, as the soil is fairly warm and what with the abundance of rain we have been having they will be quite happy.
Extra jobs include raking the leaves and collecting them into hessian bags or containers, water them and leave for a year to decompose ready for making leaf mould compost.

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