18 Nov 2011

Rockley Park, By the beach and a lovely sunset!

I was lucky enough to be down at Rockley Park recently for a long weekend. It's a caravan park which has daily entertainment for guests and a rather lovely spa. The last time I went was about 15 years ago ( I only live 10 minutes away!) before the refurbishment and now it's all posh! What do you think of our digs then?

 Down at the boatyard, there are many different sailing activities you can enjoy throughout the summer.

 Not quite a sunbathing beach, but could for beachcombing and foraging (so I've been told).

 This is actually better than my kitchen at home. I've always wanted an island.

 Okay so the pic is a bit dark but you get the idea, it's cosy but it has the oh so important sea view.

I love this, just me and a glass of wine, relaxing on the decking. Happy days!!! I did go in the spa briefly, I couldn't afford it but I had a good smell around and once I felt relaxed I went on my way.

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