How To Make A Winter Display Container

I had seen this planter in a garden centre and wanted to create something similar, so I picked up a 33cm lightweight pot from The Range for £1.99. It's going to be undercover so I didn't mind it not being terracotta. I thought it would be a nice for G to come home from school to and maybe make some plant markers to go with it.

 1. Make sure the pot has holes in the bottom. Put some broken tiles, in the base to help with drainage. I used the polystyrene packet that the plants came in. Good recycling too.

2. Work out what you going to plant and where it is going to go. I tried the dwarf conifers in the large pots first but they looked a little silly so planted them up in the medium pots. I also planted pansies around the edge, about 6-8 per pot.

Just need to brighten up the top of this area more, maybe some wall art? And what can go in the large pot, I was thinking of a nice dark red phormium.




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