27 Feb 2012

How To Grow Sweetcorn

Sweetcorn is a great vegetable to grow, it looks wonderful, it's super sweet and you can make lots of delicious recipes with it. You can buy seeds from any garden centre or online and even make your own popcorn.

1. Sow your seeds in a large tub or propogator about 1.5cm deep. Keep watered and warm until germination occurs. This will be within 7-21 days.

2. Once the shoots appear, you can leave the tub outside to get used to the sun. You should not do this if there is still a lot of frost.

3. Sweetcorn is a large growing vegetable so any container used to grow this in needs to be big. A wooden crate on it's side would work. Try using tyres stacked on top of each other or old washing baskets lined with cardboard.

4. Plant each seedling in mutli-purpose compost. Keep the seedlings together to aid pollination. Position them in full sun and keep watered.

5. Keep roots covered with compost and water with tomato feed every two weeks.

6. The plants can reach up to 2 metres tall so use bamboo poles to support them as they get bigger. The corn is ready when the silky outer layer turns brown.

How about making one of my delicious sweetcorn recipes or try making decorations and crafts from sweetcorn leaves.

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