29 Feb 2012

How To Make Paper Plant Pots

I have always wanted to be more 'green' so the idea of making my own plant pots appealed. I had heard of paper pot making equipment but knew wrapping paper around a tin can would work just as well, so I gave it a go.

1. Take a paper potter and wrap rectangles of newspaper around it.
2. Place in a tray and fill each pot with compost and moisten but don't soak them otherwise the  paper will go mouldy.
3. Choose your seeds and pop one into the centre of each pot, covering slightly.
4. Cover the pots with cling film until germination. Depending on what you are growing, the directions on the packet may require you to keep the pots in darkness for the start of germination.

The pots can go straight into the ground, leaving no risk of transplant shock.
Finish off with some homemade plant labels so you know what you are growing. I think the wooden spoons are great, any other ideas?

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