28 Feb 2012

How to paint terracotta plant pots

I decided to make some colourful plant pots to house our little strawberry seedlings. Suddenly a whole world of imagaination came to mind from bright colours, to glittered stripes and even landmarks ( a pot with Buckingham Palace on could be interesting!)

So here's how to paint a terracotta plant pot:

Painted Flowerpots

1. Brush dark blue acrylic paint around the base of the pot. Add white paint to the mix and paint the lighter shade around the top. This creates a nice sky effect. You may find it better to dab the brush rather than paint it on smoothly.

2. Once dried, dab on thick white paint to make clouds.You can also use a sponge or multi-purpose pens such as giotto.

3. Using any colour, maybe red, paint on butterflies to finish. You can paint anything you want. Use markers to add details or write a message.

4. Varnish over the dry pot to set your handywork in place.

Other Ideas for Painted Flowerpots

Let your little ones create their own masterpeices

How about a metallic night scene? Go faster flames,Bees and flowers,Stripes and glitter?

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