7 Feb 2012

Why grow your own?

"You are what you eat!" my mother used to say. I never really understood that until I had children. The chicken nugget days are over, I want as much wholesome , home-grown veg as possible and above all to feel healthier. The downside is that I'm a self confessed plant murderer so doing things 'simply' is a good direction for me to go in. I learn mostly from my daughter who is five and can dig and water and 'grow your own' as good as anyone.

Supermarket vs Home-Grown Veg

Shop vegetables are often grown for their uniformity. Cucumbers have to be long and green, tomatoes red and round etc whereas at home your veg does whatever is natural. At home there's no transportation issues, the vegetables haven't been stored for long periods in grotty containers or washed in chlorine to destrop bacteria. I'll never buy at shops again.

A Veg For All Seasons

My veggie patch is pretty much in constant use. I can be eating spinach, swede and leeks in winter, potatoes most of the year, salad, cucumber and tomatoes in summer and tasty pumkins in autumn. As I only have a small space, I utilise the balcony and pop a few cabbages in window boxes and containers. I love container gardening, this means the kids can easily muck in too.

Nature's Goodness

My favourite time is the harvest. There's nothing better than  picking the produce that you have grown. It's exciting and rather satisfying to say to visitors, "I grew all those veg." Of course you need the recipes to show off your goods, so look here for inspiration and start to 'grow-your-own'.

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  1. I always grow my own now, I can't bear supermarket rubbish!