24 Mar 2012

Growing Sweet Peas

How To Grow Sweet Peas In A Wigwam Plant Pot

Sweet Peas

I have got a lovely little sweet pea support basket that doubles as a climber. It should work a treat. I have been wanting to grow sweet peas for a while but tripping over large canes and pots (as I used to have), put me off, then I saw this and thought it was very cute as well as practical. Sweet peas are annuals so won't come back year after year unless they are prevented from setting seed. These are a beautiful scented variety, Heirloom Bicolour Mixed (Grandiflora) and I think they will look really good on the patio table to become a wonderful centepiece full of glorious sweet pea flowers. If they grow up past the top of the wigwam I'll just layer the flowers round or transplant some of the plants to another container.

Sweet peas are so easy to grow, just start from seed in coir pellets, sow three seeds per pellet pot. Germination usually takes about 21 days depending on the temperature which should be about 20.c, once the sweet pea seedlings are about 3cm tall, pot up in larger pots and cover with multi-purpose compost. I started the sweet pea seedlings off in November and January under glass and then potted out in March, so what are you waiting for? If you haven't done this I'm sure you can cheat and buy some sweet pea plants from the garden centre. I love Haskins, mostly because the plants are not diseased and the cafe make the most amazing paninis.


  1. Hi Sarah, I really like your site and I nominated it for the Sunshine Award. I think it's a fun award and I hope you find it interesting:


    1. Thanks, that's so lovely, I really appreciate the love!

  2. What a great basket, if I can't find one I'm going to figure out a way to make one. Even a larger one on the porch with canary vine or something would be great.