1 Mar 2012

How To Grow Tiny Tomatoes

If you are short of space you can grow an abundance of tomatoes with the '100s and 1000s' variety from Suttons. There are lots of varieties of tomatoes to choose from but this type is really easy to grow and produces a heavy crop.

1. Sprinkle seeds onto potting compost. Cover with more compost. Sow more seeds than you need to give the best chance of germination.

2. Keep the seeds in a warm place. When the seedlings start to push through the compost, move the plants to a sunny position.

3. Use a container such as a hanging basket or make your own by converting a bucket and making drainage holes in the base.

4. Fill with compost and make holes to place two to three plants.

5. Firm the plants in and make sure all the roots are covered.

6. Put the plants in a sunny spot and keep well watered.

Top Tip: When fruit begin to appear, feed with tomato fertiliser. Available at all good garden centres.

Try making a yummy tomato pizza with the 100s and 1000s.

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