19 Mar 2012

Spring Round-Up at Haskins: New Garden Furniture

Spring Round-up at Haskins: Garden Furniture

As Spring is just round the corner I felt it was time to get in the mood by window shopping for a vast array of garden furniture that I have no room for and that I probably can't afford. So I went with my shopaholic partner in crime/friend for our weekly jaunt at Haskins. We looked, we drooled, we had coffee and cake, what else is there to do when the kids are at school?

I have to apologise at my really dodgy camera skills, but this table and these chairs are sooo lovely. My dream set up would be this and a massive barbeque with lots of friends.

All weather wicker love seat

My favourite, this is soooo comfy and would look fab on my deck. We were loving the Cobble Cove throws and cushions and couldn't decide whether to go for the blue or purple.

I could live in this alone, just enclose myself in here with champers and a good book!

They also had some very cute seaside items, being a coastal chick I am always loving the nautical themes and really like the shabby chic frames and cute cushions. Oh well off on another school run .....


  1. That big rattan chair/bed/house is really lovely in deed.

  2. I enjoy your site. Its fun to look at all these landscape designs.

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