17 Mar 2012

A Thai Fairyland: Nong Nooch Gardens

Nong Nooch Gardens, Pattaya, superb Botanical garden design in Thailand,houses the worlds LARGEST palm collection, the largest variety of Orchids in Thailand and other tropical flora and fauna. It's also a theme park but don't let that put you off, these gardens are some of the most immaculate I have ever seen.

The Butterfly Garden uses deep red against fresh lime green to guide you through the rolling slopes of the gardens.

The contrasting coloured hedging and the bold cones and spheres add interest.

The French garden involves intricately carved geometric shapes and coloured box hedging.Inspired by numerous trips to Europe set against a backdrop of cultural temples. I do find it intriguing why Stonehenge would feature in this garden but hey, it's stunning nonetheless.

The Botanical Collection include:

The umbrella garden. Vibrant colours of the umbrellas are intermingled with giant ants.

A prickly selection of cacti.

The Grove Garden is full of topiary trees and whimsical fairytale features that really are make believe.

Floating flower beds and intricate flower displays, how do they manage to maintain it?

Beautiful selection of orchids, I love them hanging in their little pots, a new pic to add to my vertical gardening board on pinterest I think?

I wondered where all the flowerpots went, only joking I'm really so so jealous that someone not only had the forethought to do this but to actually create it is beyond impossible, WOW!!!!

Incredible hues from The Bromeliads Garden.

The Silver Garden or some say The Blue Garden, you say potato I say potata, haha maybe not the same thing but I would defo have some kind of fit over seeing these incredible palms and cyads.

Visits to the Nong Nooch Gardens, tickets are approx $15 per person and the park is open 8am -7pm which also includes shows.

After making it all the way to The Chelsea Flower Show 2011 in the UK, from the RHS,they won a gold medal for their 'Reflections of Asia' display. I feel very inspired to introduce a little more exoticism to my otherwise dreary English garden.


  1. They are amazing aren't they I wish I could see those flowerpot structures in real life!

  2. All these pictures are outstanding, imagine the maintenance!

  3. WOW this is amazing! I bet you wont see this from someone like TruGreen!!!