3 Mar 2012

Tiny Tomato Pizza Recipe: 100s and 100s Tomatoes

Most kids will eat pizza and most will manage some veg on the top. How about sprinkling some of the tiny tomatoes over the top, they are super sweet and taste so fresh.

You will need:
225g (80z) strong plain flour
1/2 tsp salt (I like fine sea salt)
1/2 tsp fast-action dried yeast
150ml (5 fl oz) warm water
1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil plus extra for greasing
150 ml (5 fl oz) passata
1 tbsp tomato puree
1/2 tsp sugar
1 tbsp chopped fresh basil or oregano, plus extra to garnish
200g (7oz) mozzarella cheese, drained and sliced
50g (1 3/4 oz) grated Cheddar cheese
125g (4 1/2 oz) tiny tomatoes

1. To make the pizza base, sieve flour, salt and place yeast into a bowl. Make a well in the centre and pour in the water and oil. Mix together to make a dough.
2. Place the dough on a flour dusted surface. Knead for 7-10 minutes until really smooth and elastic. This is called 'knocking out' as you need to knock out the air.
3. Place the dough in a lightly oiled bowl and cover with clingfilm. Leave it to rise for about an hour or until it has doubled in size.
4. For the sauce, pour the passata,tomato puree, sugar and chopped herbs in a small pan and simmer gently for 4-5 minutes. Then leave to cool.
5. Use your fist to squash the dough and knock out any air bubbles. Then knead it on a lightly floured surface. Next roll it out to make a 30cm (12 inch) circle. If you don't need to cook it yet, just keep it wrapped in clingfilm in the fridge until you are ready.
6. Place the dough on a baking tray, then top with the tomato sauce, mozzarella, grated Cheddar and tiny tomatoes.

Cook at Gas 7/220c  425F, for 10-12 minutes or until golden. It looks good with another sprinkling of herbs before serving, try micro basil.

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  1. Nice stuff. Feel like grabbing them all right now. It seems to be so delicious, i hope it will be the same while eating!

  2. They are soooo delicious, you have to try it.