16 Jun 2011

Here's how to garden up your drain pipes

Vertical gardening is fast becoming all the rage due to smaller gardens and more flats with balconies -there's simply no more space. Don't let that be an excuse not to garden. I have been looking for some kind of hanging pockets for a while, when I stumbled upon these nifty little numbers.

They are drainpipe planters and attach to most drainpipes. There is a strap what goes all the way around the pot and the drainpipe. It holds perfectly and creates a great herb garden for me - right outside the kitchen window!

Mine were from Lakeland and cost £2.99 for 3 (although mine were on offer at the time). I think they are fab and may even get some more for the other side.


  1. This is such an obvious idea. Why did I not think of this before!:)

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by, I think this is going to be a key trend this year coming, as people have smaller spaces and this is perfect! You do have to drill holes in the bottom though, otherwise the plants can't drain properly.

  3. Do you have to put a hole in the drainpipe? I must admit to being entranced with the idea since vertical gardening fascinates me.

  4. No you just need pots that will wrap around the drain pipe or you could tie them on with strong twine or straps.