Coastal Cottage House Tour

Gorgeous farmer's cottage in Norfolk which comes with it's own beach hut!

I'm loving the shelves and the log storage.




The garden

The beach hut, only a short walk away.

# Yellow Color Scheme Work On Project

blue grey yellow color scheme
Color name hex code RGB CMYK
Yellow #E3F208 227, 242, 8 6%, 0%, 97%, 5%
Olive #4F9305 79, 147, 5 46%, 0%, 97%, 42%
White Smoke #F8F8F5 248, 248, 245 0%, 0%, 1%, 3%
Saddle Brown #9E470B 158, 71, 11 0%, 55%, 93%, 38%
Lawn Green #8CBF07 140, 191, 7 27%, 0%, 96%, 25%

blue yellow color scheme

grey and yellow color scheme

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Yellow Warm Vintage color scheme
#6 Beautiful color palettes that work well together.
Cars on the road | multimedia background
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Yellow Warm Vintage color scheme

Color scheme with red

orange fruit color palette

Vintage color pallette

Warm color pallette

Yellow color scheme
Color name Hex Code RGB
Orange #E09F07 224, 159, 7
Sandy Brown #F8D665 248, 214, 101
Wheat #F1D8AA 241, 216, 170
Black #050404 5, 4, 4
Sandy Brown #EABF5E 234, 191, 94

Pastel color scheme with hex code

pastel colours hex
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Beige #f9f9ea 249, 249, 234 cmyk(0%, 0%, 6%, 2%)
Pale Goldenrod #e9e5b8 233, 229, 184 cmyk(0%, 2%, 21%, 9%)
Dark Sea Green #97a78a 151, 167, 138 cmyk(10%, 0%, 17%, 35%)
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Silver #c0c1b5 192, 193, 181 cmyk(1%, 0%, 6%, 24%)
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Light Slate Gray #a2aebd 162, 174, 189 cmyk(14%, 8%, 0%, 26%)
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skin color hex

#6 Beautiful color palettes that work well together - natural series

decorating colors that go together
Color Name HEX Color Code RGB
Light Steel Blue #ACC0DC 172, 192, 220
Light Steel Blue #92AAC6 146, 170, 198
Dark Slate Gray #2E3F52 46, 63, 82
Cadet Blue #667FA7 102, 127, 167
Light Steel Blue #F2F3F5 242, 243, 245

turquoise color scheme

beautiful color combinations

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best colors with turquoise

color palettes that work well together

Cars on the road | multimedia background

amazing color palette car background
top cars on the road

sport car on park area

toyota cars on the road picture

oldest cars on the road

Color inside:
color palette roads background

most cars on the road
I would like to see some of the safest cars on the road based on official statistics to find out dealers sales level. I wanted to use car on the road picture for drawing, but occurred to other things like making car on the road cartoon.

Think Free Landscape Photography

I had capture some images from google maps, i think there are beautiful and usable for my new project. I will try to use it for powerpoint presentation background. Order Photoshop editing service, find the cheapest LOL.. and remake it more beautiful

landscape photography composition

Best color for image above??? got it from color generator, think free :D

a landscape of a stable

landscape design software

hd wallpaper

Best color combination
beatiful color combination hex

Image credit to

Plants for Topiary

What is Topiary?
Topiary is an ancient art of clipping bushes and trees into decorative shapes. Plants can also be trained to climb up a frame resulting in symmetrical, neat shapes or animals.

What Plants Are Best For Topiary?
Privet is used in garden hedges.
  • Yew is a slow-growing evergreen. It can grow over 10 feet high and looks spectacular when trimmed into spirals with a hedge trimmer.
  • Box is ideal for small topiary.
  • Shrubby honeysuckle is a fast growing hedge.
  • Juniper is a hardy plant with dense leaves.
  • Bay trees can be trained into twisty stems and a neat clipped bush.

How Does Topiary Take Shape?
You will need a wire frame in the shape of your choice and a suitable pot. Place the frame in soil and plant something like box to start with as it is easy to maintain. The wire frames cna be simple like a circle or complicated like a dolphin. As the plant grows up the frame gently tease it in the right direction and clip only when the leaves are outgrowing the frame. Don't over do it!

Click on the pictures to go to the site.
These ducks look great flying across the water, not sure how they reach them to maintain, maybe by boat?

Ahhh, so cute, Donald looks fab.
Standard topiary balls and spirals look really classy.

A little bit scary or a lot of fun?

Children's Gardening Calendar

Jobs: Ask the children what plants they would like to grow for the coming season, show them pictures in plant catalogues and photos of the previous year's harvest to help them decide. Think about shady spots and the sunniest spots in the garden and try to plant according to those areas. You could even draw a plan for the garden, older children may like to use an online garden planner.
Sow: Strawberries and Sweet Pea - in the greenhouse
Make: Make plant labels. Make paper seed pots. Get the potting area ready. Make bird feeders.

Spring bulbs may be showing. This is a good time to explain about roots and shoots and how a bulb grows. Also the difference between seeds and bulbs.
Jobs:Mulch the garden, children will love using a wheelbarrow to move mulch around and dig in the garden.
Sow: Marigolds, Pansy, Cosmos
Make: Paint flower pots. Put up nesting boxes.

Jobs:Prepare vegetable patches ready for sowing seeds and planting seedlings.
Sow: tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, celery, aubergine and salads planted in a greenhouse. Plant onion bulbs in trenches. Sunflowers and beans. Sow into the ground: cornflowers, nasturtiums, radishes, carrots, peas and lettuces. 
Make: Make bird scarers.

Jobs: Dig up early potatoes.
Sow: Tomatoes and pumpkins
Make: sweet pea wigwams is a fun activity.

Jobs:The plants should be doing well, keep watering but not over watered. Water after 4pm and with a watering rose.
Thin any plants that are overcrowded.
Weed as necessary.
Transfer tomatoes and pumpkins out into the ground.
Plant out bedding plants such as violas, small areas can be transformed quickly.
Sow: Radish and spinach.
Clear an area for your butterfly pavilion and send off for your caterpillars and live butterfly garden.

Jobs: Preserve memories of the garden by drawing pictures of it, taking photographs and pressing flowers. Dehead plants that are dying to prolong their life, store any 'free seeds' in a paper bag. Vegetables may be ready to harvest late June.Train the sweet peas up their wigwam.
Make: Daisy chains.

Jobs: Pick fruit, store vegetables for autumn. Continue deheading and weeding. Plan next years garden. Store seeds.
Pick tomatoes and courgette regularly to enourage growth.
Make: A hedgehog hibernation box.

Jpbs: Cut off any unripe tomatoes and put on the windowsill. Start to clear the garden and prepare for winter.
Make: Make leaf mould for compost.
Sow: winter lettuce
Plant: spring bulbs such as crocus, daffodils and tulips.

Harvest: pumpkins
Make: Make pumpkin soup or pie. Pumpkin carvings
Sow: microgreens on a windowsill for indoor veg.
Jobs: Store and put away clean tools for next year.
Clean out nesting boxes.

Make: crafts with pressed flowers
Sow: indoor plants on windowsills, terrarium kits are good as they are fun for growing indoors.
Make: christmas decorations, collect holly, ivy, moss and fir cones for making wreaths and tree decorations.

How To Make A Winter Display Container

I had seen this planter in a garden centre and wanted to create something similar, so I picked up a 33cm lightweight pot from The Range for £1.99. It's going to be undercover so I didn't mind it not being terracotta. I thought it would be a nice for G to come home from school to and maybe make some plant markers to go with it.

 1. Make sure the pot has holes in the bottom. Put some broken tiles, in the base to help with drainage. I used the polystyrene packet that the plants came in. Good recycling too.

2. Work out what you going to plant and where it is going to go. I tried the dwarf conifers in the large pots first but they looked a little silly so planted them up in the medium pots. I also planted pansies around the edge, about 6-8 per pot.

Just need to brighten up the top of this area more, maybe some wall art? And what can go in the large pot, I was thinking of a nice dark red phormium.