Coastal Christmas: Glitter Seashells and Boat Tree Decorations

Christmas is a time to showcase creativity and what better than to decorate the christmas tree. Living by the sea conjours up a coastal theme and I think it's incredible. I'm loving Martha Stewarts classic glitter seashell tree.

These are sooo cute and apparently easy to make.

If you are super organised you will have Martha Stewart's range of coastal glitters, if not then decide on a couple of colours and try to variate shades of that colour.

1. Brush white PVA glue across one end of a scallop shell. 
2. Use a spoon to sprinkle with glitter, starting with a shade at one end of your color range. 
3. Gently shake off excess, and continue applying glue and glitter in sections (no drying time is required) until the final color in your range is applied to the opposite end of shell. 
4. Let dry. 
5. Turn shell over; glitter reverse side with 1 solid color.

To hang: With a Dremel drill and a 1/16-inch bit, drill a hole at one end of shell. Insert a loop of metallic cord into hole; knot inside shell. (For spiral shells, just hot-glue loop inside shell.) Slip pearl bead over loop; secure with a dot of craft glue.

Read more at Ombre Glittered Seashell Ornaments - Martha Stewart Crafts 

 Seashell Tree Topper


Top a seaside-inspired Christmas tree with a large, glittering shell for a magnificent effect.

Tools and Materials
Dremel drill and 1/16-inch bit
1 large shell, such as a 5-inch Japanese baking-dish scallop shell,
White craft glue
Glitter, by Martha Stewart Crafts, available at Michaels stores
Pearl Bead,
10-inch length of 26-gauge brass wire


With the drill, make 2 holes at one end of the shell. Brush concave side with white craft glue, sprinkle with glitter, and let dry. Glitter other side; let dry. Slip pearl bead onto a 10-inch length of 26-gauge brass wire. With the shell's concave side up, insert ends of thread through drilled holes so bead is flush against concave side of shell; twist wire at back to hold bead in place. Use the wire ends to attach the shell to the tree.

Sea Urchin Jellyfish Ornament

Dust shells with glitter to create a seashore-inspired tree. 
These spangled sea urchins morph into jellyfish with tinsel tentacles.

Tools and Materials
  • Sea urchin shell,
  • Glue pen
  • Glitter (Martha Stewart Crafts from Michaels)
  • Tinsel
  • 12-inch length of metallic cord
  • 1 pearl bead,

Sea Urchin "Jellyfish" How-To
1. Add stripes or dots to a sea urchin shell: Working in sections, use a glue pen to create stripes or dots, and sprinkle with glitter; gently tap to remove excess, and let dry. 
2. For the jellyfish "tentacles," use tinsel to form a 3- to 4-inch tassel: Cut strands of tinsel to length and tie the ends together with a 12-inch length of metallic cord, creating a hanging loop. 
3. Insert loop through center hole in shell so tassel hangs beneath the shell. Slip 1 pearl bead over loop, and secure with a dot of glue.


Glittered Sailboat Ornament

Tools and Materials

  • Sailboats (
  • Glitter (Martha Stewart Crafts, from Michaels)
  • White craft glue
  • Acrylic paint that matches glitter (we used yellow paint for gold glitter, gray paint for silver)
  • Brush for applying glitter


Select glitter color for coating sailboat. Tint white craft glue with a small amount of acrylic paint that matches glitter. Working in sections, brush sails and body of sailboat with tinted glue, and coat with glitter. Gently tap to remove excess, and let dry completely.




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