Plants for Topiary

What is Topiary?
Topiary is an ancient art of clipping bushes and trees into decorative shapes. Plants can also be trained to climb up a frame resulting in symmetrical, neat shapes or animals.

What Plants Are Best For Topiary?
Privet is used in garden hedges.
  • Yew is a slow-growing evergreen. It can grow over 10 feet high and looks spectacular when trimmed into spirals with a hedge trimmer.
  • Box is ideal for small topiary.
  • Shrubby honeysuckle is a fast growing hedge.
  • Juniper is a hardy plant with dense leaves.
  • Bay trees can be trained into twisty stems and a neat clipped bush.

How Does Topiary Take Shape?
You will need a wire frame in the shape of your choice and a suitable pot. Place the frame in soil and plant something like box to start with as it is easy to maintain. The wire frames cna be simple like a circle or complicated like a dolphin. As the plant grows up the frame gently tease it in the right direction and clip only when the leaves are outgrowing the frame. Don't over do it!

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These ducks look great flying across the water, not sure how they reach them to maintain, maybe by boat?

Ahhh, so cute, Donald looks fab.
Standard topiary balls and spirals look really classy.

A little bit scary or a lot of fun?




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