28 Jun 2012

Outdoor Party Ideas

Outdoor Parties
The Queen's Jubilee, Sunday 3rd June 2012, was a great excuse for a day off but also I was amazed at how wonderful all our neighbours are. People I've only ever seen get into their cars and whizz off only to get a passing smile. There we were sat side by side sharing some rather delectable feasts with each other and cheering each other in the races. Although the weather wasn't fab we still managed a right royal affair.
The Street Party
Street parties are best held in the road, hence the name although you can go in driveways or parks for more room. We had to gain permission from the council to get the road closed and a few planning meetings with the neighbours to get the party underway. Some of the neighbours made their own invites to invite other friends. They were all very generous making jugs of Pimms and offering delicious food to share.
The Dad's race was very competitive. It's not over until all the chairs were broken!
My little muchkin was so proud of her golden jewels cupcakes.
Here's my creation. It looks a mess and yes it is supposed to be red, white and blue on top and not green but hey the proof of the pudding is in the tasting and woohoo I came second. I made a vanilla sponge with blue and red swirls and layered it with vanilla butter cream. One judge tasted it and said, "Wow!" The other cried, " If I have any more I'm, going to be sick!" So a good score all round really.
How about this gorgeous three layer sponge, filled with cream and strawberry and blueberry jam. Find out how to make it here.
Simply amazing, a fun, whimsical cake with lots of hard work put in. See more from Louise Makes Cakes.
How did they get the blue sponge such an amazing colour, stunning.
Garden Parties
I would love love love to do a garden party for my daughter, i'm sure she would love any of these wonderful pics of inspiration, which can also be found in my Pinterest boards under kids parties.

This pink fairy garden party is adorable, look at those paper pom poms!!
{Photos from scissors paper cake via Party Perfect.}
Or how about artificial grass placemats?
Photo credit: Heartsong Photography Studio via http://www.poshtotevents.com
How about paint a bird box activity?
Someone make me this, pleasssse!!!
It's all so gorgeous, just got to work out the invites and get the garden overhauled!